Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life was Great in 2008

Well, it is now officially 2009. I haven't gotten a tenth of the things done that I wanted to this week (or year for that matter) but it was awfully nice to relax and enjoy being home with my family. We had some wonderful things happen to us this last month and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful blessings my family has been given this past year. We have definitely been watched over by our Heavenly Father. Here are a few pictures documenting the last few weeks. I am then going to get this last year of my blog put into a book and then kind of start fresh. This blog will continue to be where I post pictures and family happenings but I have a lot of fun stuff coming up and happening on my other blog so I'm afraid this one may not get as much attention. So you can always pop over there if you miss hearing from me. Thank you for taking this journey with me this last year and I hope the new year finds you all healthy and happy!

Trimming the Tree

Eldon's band concert on Thursday Dec. 18, 2008. He did a wonderful job as usual, even though he had to fix about six instruments ten minutes before the concert started. He never ceases to amaze me!

The big day! Ethan ZaneCarbine was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Saturday December 20, 2008 at 1:00 pm. His father Eldon Zane Carbine was the one who performed the baptism and confirmation. It was honestly one of the most emotional and amazing days of my entire life. The warmth and love in that room was so strong. And as I sat there and watched him sit in that chair to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit I knew that we were on the right path. How could any child go wrong with such a circle of strength and love around him. I am so proud of him and his good choices and love him so much!

Christmas Eve! We had all of my family at my house except for Shelly and we each got to open a gift Christmas Eve. It was so fun to have all 10 grandkids here.

Christmas Morning! I hate to admit it but I was so excited to try out my new digital flip camera that I forgot to take pictures with my regular camera. You have video clips to look forward to!



Grandma's birthday the day after Christmas! I usually feel sorry for her but what other time of year would she get to have ALL of her grandkids there?

And this is after Christmas. My kids are wearing their new outfits from the sweet Santa family who brought such wonderful cheer to our home. (See two posts previous)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. I wish that I could have been there, oh well. If you want to see some pictures from MY christmas, Jason's sister Stephanie posted some on her blog. You can go to it from my blog. I especially like the baptism pictures there is always something special about those pictures.

  2. Memories are the most precious thing a family can have to share through out their lives with the people that are important to them. I feel blessed to have shared these moments and how special they are to you and your family. Thank you for inviting me in to see a glimpse of how blessed and special your family is.