Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Kid in You.....and me

Being a kid is hard work!
(I'm the lump on the left)

5 minutes for Mom is having another photo contest. My cute little feet picture didn't make it to the finalists last time so I'm trying again! The idea is to find a picture that represents the kid in you. Going through my pictures I couldn't believe how few pictures actually have me in them. I guess I'm usually the one behind the camera. DE took this picture of me with ALL my boys. I can't even remember how we all ended up asleep in our bed but I know that it was after a day of fun. One of my favorite things to do is to play with my kids and make them laugh, and sometimes I amaze myself with the silly things I'll do in order to get them to laugh. I love that I can make a complete fool of myself and my kids love me for it!

Another of my favorite things is to watch my sweet children as they sleep. Any mother knows that at that moment the love you have for them fills you to overflowing and all the whining, crying, and pooping fades from memory. I know that NOTHING in my life keeps me as young as my dear sweet boys. Although now that I'm getting older being a kid with my kids means I need more sleep! ;)