Friday, November 28, 2008

That's why I say thanks everyday

I thank God for the trees, for the air that I breathe.  
For my sweet children four, for the mess upon the floor.  
For the house where we live, for my ability to give.
That's why I say thanks every day. 

I thank God that I'm free, and for electricity.
For my husband so sweet, for my hands and for my feet.
For the laundry to do because it means that I'm loved too.
That's why I say thanks every day.

I thank God for my friends and for a love that never ends
For the rain, for the sky and our ability to fly.
For the gifts I've been giv'n for my hope to go to heav'n
That's why I say thanks every day.

I stole the basic tune and rhythm for this poem/song from a Veggie Tales song.  
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  

Friday, November 21, 2008

Poor little guy

This has been one of those weeks. You know the kind....yep. Between getting sick on my birthday, then getting sick again on Wednesday (got to remember to take my vitamins), a huge family drama that has kept me up at night and given me multiple headaches from crying, a huge to do list that hasn't even been dented, bills, lack of money, cranky kids and husband more than usual (probably my fault), messy house, multiple loads of pee clothes, etc. etc., I am just completely worn out. And I have so. much. to. do.

But the topper today was during preschool. (If you don't already know I teach preschool out of my home). I don't usually have preschool on Fridays but I switched it to today because I took off Wednesday, the day I was sick. Isaac and Owen hang out in a play yard in the corner of my preschool but today Owen just wouldn't stop whining and acting weird. He wouldn't even eat a cookie! So I went and picked up the poor guy and was holding him during story time when he suddenly puked all over everywhere. I think I handled it pretty well. I gave the kids little jobs to do while I went and cleaned him and myself up and although my students were a little noisier than usual they did a great job. Luckily it was near the end of school so we finished up and I sent them on their way. I held Owen for a while and then set him on the couch where he sat until I glanced over and found him like this:
If you know Owen you know that he NEVER does this. I honestly cannot remember a time that he just laid down and fell asleep when he wasn't in his crib. Here is one that shows Isaac chillin out next to him. (Luckily Isaac seems fine)
So even though it has been one of those weeks I would rather everything bad happen to me than my kids. I am so grateful for the sweet children that have been entrusted to my care. I may not be anywhere near approaching perfect but I love them with everything I have.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My week in review

These pictures are kind of my week in review. I've been doing most my talking on my other blog so now I can't think of much to say. So I'll just tell a little bit about each picture and what's been going on. Pictures are the best part anyway! Oh, and a special thank you to my Mom for coming this last weekend and doing tons of laundry and cleaning and babysitting. You're the best!!!!

I don't even remember why I took this picture. I guess just cuz they're so cute

Owen came over to me about 20 times and had me put these goggles on him. Then he would pull them off and we'd start all over again. Ethan had to hold him still long enough to take a picture.

My friend Angela taught me and a few other girls how to make bread last week. We have started meeting once a week to learn something to help us be prepared and be self sufficient. You can check out her blog here. Today we tasted MRE's, learned how to gut a fish, and bottled butter. I've got six beautiful jars of butter to go on my one shelf of food storage!

Fun with flour! Boy, isn't Owen proud of himself.
Who, me?
My little monkeys.

Andrew has been my little Mr. Grumpy lately. I have to read him What are you so grumpy about? almost every day.

Eldon insisted on putting 29 candles on my cake.

But I still blew them out in one breath.

Here are Isaac and Owen enjoying my birthday cake. Sorry no pics of me, I had the stomach flu on my bday yesterday. nuff said

Friday, November 7, 2008

My mini conscience

Yesterday after teaching piano lessons and after Eldon got home I went up to my room to lay down and have a few minutes of peace and quiet. I love my children but it was one of those days. A few minutes later Ethan came up to join me.....

"Mom, what are you doing lazing around up here?"

"Did Dad tell you to say that?"

"No, I said it by myself."

"Do you think I'm lazy?"

"Only sometimes."

At least he's honest, right?

Another funny thing a little while ago. Ethan's principal pulled me aside and told me that Ethan had made him laugh. I guess he came up to him and said:

"Mr. D....., I know why everyone likes you."


"Because you're practically famous."

I guess it made him feel good. I don't know where he gets this stuff from but he sure is a cutie. (when he wants to be)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nothing much to say

I can't think of much to say, especially after my post on my other blog, so I'm just going to post some pictures.

Owen and Isaac in their new studly getup from Grandma M.

Ethan and Isaac chillin.

My sis, her boyfriend and Ethan and Andrew ready to go trick or treating.
Sweet Owen, all tired out

Ethan in his Halloween parade

The sunrise Halloween morning. Eldon brought me out and showed me and we stood out there snuggling for a while. It was a nice start to our day. My friend Emily took a picture of this sunrise too!

My cute little dancin Owen.

A baby blessing. My oldest brother and his family.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday

I have seen this on a few different blogs now and decided it's a fun way to deny all of your failings and to share a bit about your week. So here goes:

  • I did not get strep throat last week and have to cancel preschool.
  • I did not forget about a millions things that I needed to do last week including Andrew's dentist appointment on Thursday.
  • I did not work on the computer all day today instead of doing my laundry and dishes.
  • I did not remember to be grateful for all of the blessing I have in my life.
  • I did not let my kids have way to much candy to the point that they were all whiny and cranky today.
  • I did not let my husband cook dinner tonight.
Okay, well I guess that's all I can think of right now. I think this will take some getting used to. If you haven't figured it out yet those are all things I did do this week. So I did remember to be grateful but I also did give my kids too much candy and let Eldon cook dinner. Take a look at a picture of my cuties over on my other blog. I'm hoping it will make it to the finalists in the contest and then I'll be begging all of you to vote. And thank you for any and all comments. I love them!!