Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nothing much to say

I can't think of much to say, especially after my post on my other blog, so I'm just going to post some pictures.

Owen and Isaac in their new studly getup from Grandma M.

Ethan and Isaac chillin.

My sis, her boyfriend and Ethan and Andrew ready to go trick or treating.
Sweet Owen, all tired out

Ethan in his Halloween parade

The sunrise Halloween morning. Eldon brought me out and showed me and we stood out there snuggling for a while. It was a nice start to our day. My friend Emily took a picture of this sunrise too!

My cute little dancin Owen.

A baby blessing. My oldest brother and his family.


  1. That picture of Aaron's family is so cute! I love your pictures.

  2. The pictures of the twins are darling. The dancing pictures totally shows character. I love it. That sunrise was pretty and oh so worthy of a photo.


  3. Sharla I love all the pictures I have saved them into my computer and I am excited that you got such a nice picture of of Aaron's family. I hope you share it with Aaron and Emily too! I think my favorite though is the one of Ethan and Isaac. Their love for each other is touching. MOM