Monday, November 17, 2008

My week in review

These pictures are kind of my week in review. I've been doing most my talking on my other blog so now I can't think of much to say. So I'll just tell a little bit about each picture and what's been going on. Pictures are the best part anyway! Oh, and a special thank you to my Mom for coming this last weekend and doing tons of laundry and cleaning and babysitting. You're the best!!!!

I don't even remember why I took this picture. I guess just cuz they're so cute

Owen came over to me about 20 times and had me put these goggles on him. Then he would pull them off and we'd start all over again. Ethan had to hold him still long enough to take a picture.

My friend Angela taught me and a few other girls how to make bread last week. We have started meeting once a week to learn something to help us be prepared and be self sufficient. You can check out her blog here. Today we tasted MRE's, learned how to gut a fish, and bottled butter. I've got six beautiful jars of butter to go on my one shelf of food storage!

Fun with flour! Boy, isn't Owen proud of himself.
Who, me?
My little monkeys.

Andrew has been my little Mr. Grumpy lately. I have to read him What are you so grumpy about? almost every day.

Eldon insisted on putting 29 candles on my cake.

But I still blew them out in one breath.

Here are Isaac and Owen enjoying my birthday cake. Sorry no pics of me, I had the stomach flu on my bday yesterday. nuff said


  1. Hey, you forgot to crop me out of the bread picture! That's okay, I don't have my mouth hanging open in that one anyway . . . :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you didn't have to make your own cake. You're only 29? Ah, to be young again!

  3. I like how your cake looks. Those pictures are REALLY cute!