Sunday, January 18, 2009

If you like reading this blog you need to comment

Okay, hello to whoever might read this. Yes, I know that I've been slacking lately on this blog. I know that I've been doing a lot more on my other blog (including a $50 giveaway that already has waay more comments than I ever thought I would get), but I just need to know if anyone is even reading this. If not, I may just discontinue it. I would like to have a place where I can talk about my family and post pictures of my kids because I don't like posting those things on my public blog where any weirdo can see it. But I'm not sure I can keep up on two blogs if nobody is even reading this. I haven't posted much lately because we've just kind of been doing the same old same old school, work, etc. And I have no recent pictures.

So, what it comes down to is this....if you want me to keep posting here and if you want to hear about my kids and family and see pictures, you HAVE to leave a comment.

Just click on the catchy comments link right below this post and tell me if you read this blog. If enough people do I will keep it up.

Oh, and if you've got time go enter my giveaway here. (and check out the cool picture my brother Jay drew for me)


  1. I can't be the only one! I read this blog, but it's totally up to you how often you want to post on it or if you want to at all. Hope you had a great long weekend :)


  2. Hey sharla...I read your blog, but I only do every week or two, cuz thats how often I read blogs! Keep it up!

  3. I read it...not every day, but I do read it. I can totally understand if you don't want to do 2, but I will keep reading if you keep posting.


  4. Sharla, this is the blog I'm interested in. I'm a family blogger. I just want to see your cute little critters and hear what's going on. Good luck on getting a good following on your other blog. I check it out, I prefer this one though.
    Luve ya, Joy

  5. I'm HERE! Don't go...pleeze!
    I am a little slow but, I promise to visit and comment.
    I love the is so cute!
    It has been great meeting you, getting to know you, and I would hate to see it end.
    It is like I finally find the perfect hair mousse and they discontinue it and I spend everyday saying.."why...WHY!"
    You have a great site(s), something for everyone. Don't worry, you will rock the www!

  6. I love to look at your blog, so please keep it. I'm just horrible about leaving comments.

  7. I like to read this blog better sometimes because it seems to be more about you than about giveaways and things, more personal.

  8. As I mentioned before, I am having a problem getting my blog to accept this site and I've been really bad at just typing in the URL. So today, when I logged on and saw the pictures of your twins in the bath I thought to myself "This is my favorite blog of yours". Then I stumbled on this post. I can understand, with 4 little boys including a set of twins, if you're overwhelmed and need to simplify. Just don't stress if you don't get around to posting too often. Just do it when you can. I love getting to know my cousins and this is probably the only way I will be able to.