Thursday, January 8, 2009

What kind of snow is THIS?!!

We got snow here a bit before Christmas but with all the craziness we didn't have a chance to go out together and play in it. It snowed on Christmas and a few other days and then finally I said we have got to get out there and make a snowman! I had gotten some new gloves from Eldon for Christmas that were actually useful in the snow (a first for me) so I bundled myself and the kids up and we headed outside!

I grabbed my first fistful of snow and proceeded to pat it together to make a snowball that I could then turn into the bottom of our snowman. But no matter how hard I tried that silly snow just sifted out of my hands. This was supposed to be SNOW, not just cold white SAND! But no such luck. We stayed out for a while and did what we could but I am still disappointed. I want to make a snowman!

Eldon was the first one to get down and make a snow angel. The snow was good for that.

Ethan was next(and last) to follow suit. I would have but I was too busy taking pics. ;)

Then we buried Ethan as best we could. Too bad we can't see his face...

Andrew dug in the snow like a little puppy.

And Shelly and Jason did a synchronized snow dance.

No snowman, but we had fun anyway!

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  1. Yep, we wanted to build a snowman out on the desert and shoot it, but couldn't get anything to pack either. Useless. See ya in a few hours!