Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm not a bit jealous...really, I'm not

So I have to share the coolest thing. My sister has now done something I've only dreamed of doing for just about my whole life. She sang a solo in the performance of the Messiah by the Orchestra of Southern Utah. So she sings this amazing solo along with full orchestra and choir for thousands of people. And I'm seriously not jealous.......really, I promise I'm not. Not even a little...... Listen to it here and if you want to hear her scroll to about 36:45 or a little bit left of midway. I wish I could tell you to listen for specific words but I'm not sure what they are. She's the amazing soprano that comes after an alto solo and before "He is the King of Glory". I'm listening to it right now and she's amazing. Ethan just piped up and said: "Wow, who is that singing?" I told him Aunt Shelly and he said: "Wow."


  1. You booger! You could do it just as well. Love ya sis!

  2. That is great! I can't sing a tune!! I always wished I had that talent though! Happy New Year!!

  3. I wanted to hear it but I don't see a link. I'm a little slow. So remember to tell me where I can listen. Congrats lil sis!