Saturday, October 25, 2008

Now introducing.......

The Seuss Family!!
Last night was the Halloween carnival at the elementary school. We dressed up as the Seuss family. This is the first time I've dressed up in years and as you can see, it wasn't a complicated costume. Eldon and Ethan were both Dr. Seuss (although Ethan took off his hat and gloves and never put them back on after the picture.) Andrew was Horton the Elephant, Isaac was Thing 1, Owen was Thing 2, and I was Whoville. (Which if you've read the book is the entire town of Whoville that cannot be seen with the naked eye on a little flower) After having issues with the iron-ons for the thing costumes I finally just copied them on paper and stuck them to their shirts with some scrapbook adhesive. It worked pretty well for one night but will definitely not hold up for another wearing. (not to mention a washing) The kids played games, we ate sloppy joes and chips, won cotton candy and soda, didn't win anything at the cake walk (big surprise, we haven't won in 3 years) and of course had people complimenting the costumes on the babies all night. It was fun....for once a year. ;)

I had to take a picture of this. Andrew has two suckers in one hand and cotton candy in the other. Can we say cavities? The smile was worth it though.

We tried to find a game that the babies could do. In this game all you have to do is grab a duck and you get a prize. I still had to help them grab it. I wish they were this wary about getting into stuff at home. This is Isaac.

And here is Owen.
They both got a sucker they enjoyed for the rest of the time in the comfort of their stroller.
Here are Ethan and Andrew is a sack race. Ethan had to do this three times, he loved it so much. (By the way, Ethan was letting Andrew win here. Such a sweetheart.)

Until next does this mean we're done with Halloween? After all that junk last night we don't need any more.......wouldn't you agree?


  1. That's so cute. I'm going to be Maleficent this year (because that's what I feel like a lot of the time). =) We were on our way home from Kansas, so we missed the school event. BTW, you look great!

  2. Cute Fam! Dressed up 6 years ago, I was the princess and Lars was the pea! It was fun,maybe we will dress up this year?!You all look so cute

  3. Love the costumes. Easy is awesome and so cute. Sorry we missed you that night. Looks like they had fun.


  4. The costumes are just tooooooo fun! the kids especially Andrew looked like he was having a ball! MOM

  5. I love the pictures so much, this makes me miss you guys even more, you better come this weekend or I will have to cry!