Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life is Swell

This last weekend was UEA weekend (also the beginning of the deer hunt I guess) and Eldon's parents Eugene and Cheryl and his sister Janene and her husband Mike and their kids came to visit. On Thursday they went out to the Dinosaur museum in Price where Eldon and the boys met them and then came here and had enchiladas. On Friday the guys went golfing in the morning and then we all drove out to the San Rafael Swell to see the dinosaur footprint, the petroglyphs and pictographs and the swinging bridge. It was a nice relaxing day and fun to get to show them around our neck of the woods. (Honestly though, Eldon's parents have been to these places more often than us and also know a lot more.....shh don't tell ;) That night we came home and had a late dinner of my version of chinese food. (Don't ask about the pizza mix up) Saturday we mostly hung out here. Eldon and his dad made enchilada sauce while I helped Cheryl set up her blog, we went for a walk and then had a barbecue. Eldon's parents had to leave Saturday but Janene and her family stayed for church today. Overall, it was a nice relaxing weekend!

That's most of the Musgrave family WAAAY over there!

Andrew's foot is almost as big as that dinosaur footprint.
A special treat!!
(My kids never get to ride in the back of the truck. I even got back there and rode too!)

They didn't want to stop climbing!

Everyone but Mike and I in front of the Pictographs and Petroglyphs.


  1. The pictures are really cute, but you need more of you! It sounded like it was fun. I wish I had been there to visit, oh well.

  2. I love the pictures! Andrew is really growing up! Next thing you know he will be as big as a dinosaur. I sure miss you guys! MOm