Saturday, October 18, 2008

Girls Game Night

Okay, so I'm just going to vent a little here. A while ago my friend and I were talking and decided that we needed a girls night out without kids. A lot of ladies here play Bunco but neither of us are into that so we decided we'd just start a girls game night where anyone who needs a night out can come and play games and get away. So we compiled a list of women that we knew didn't get out much and that weren't already in a card exchange or in Stampin club or that did Bunco. We invited them and told them to invite anyone they think might want to come and tried to make sure they knew that it wasn't exclusive, anyone could come. It's for any woman that needs a night out. Since then we've taken turns having it at our houses and the group changes from month to month of who can come and it's been a really fun experience and something to look forward to. We've had nights where we talk about our problems we're facing and try to help each other and nights where all we really do is laugh all night.
So here's the problem. At our last game night I asked if everyone had heard about the sister in our ward that had reunited with her daughter after many years. (I know now that even though I was excited for her and wanted to share the news I shouldn't have brought it up, so right there, my fault) Some had and some hadn't and not much was said except that we were happy for her and wanted to find out more from her. (She had been invited but couldn't make it) Then somebody said that they were looking for a mattress for this daughter and then at that point a comment was made that was probably not the nicest thing that could have been said. I just took it as a joke in bad taste and we proceeded to change the subject very quickly and that was the end of it. Or so I thought.
A while later I start hearing things. It turns out that somebody at the party went and told this person what was said. So then this person (who all of us really like) now feels like we were all gossiping about her which just isn't true. The lady who made the comment went to her and apologized and you would think that would be the end of it. But now all these rumors are going around about who told and what was said and I feel like the spirit that we had in starting this game night has been sullied. And I feel like I'm back in High School. ugh
So now what do I do? Do we just quit doing this game night so that nothing like this will happen again? Do we just remind everyone that we don't talk about others at all even if it's positive things? I'm just sad. It was never our intention to hurt anyone's feelings or leave anyone out. Why does this stuff have to happen? As women we should be united!


  1. Yes, you should be united. I don't have a clue who you are talking about. But, now that I am old and experienced, with much wisdom, I say, keep having your game night. If you need to say something to everyone-then do. Sometimes, people are looking to be offended. Maybe they are insecure. Then that makes everyone else insecure, too. It is called control. Sad. You keep having those game nights, though! Don't let one person ruin it for everyone else. There, now I will get off my soap box. Love ya.

  2. Well I am sure you meant well, and you said it nice right?
    I think you should keep having game night. People can continue to spread their know what you said, and so do the other girlsLiz

  3. It was a bummer and something I hope we all learned from. I know I learned a few things. I say we continue on because it is really the only time I can go and laugh till my guts hurt. :)


  4. I don't know the exact situation but I think if all of you made an extra effort to just be kinder to each other, that is all you can do, and keep having your game night, it will blow over and then not be that big of a deal. As far as the woman that was being talked about, It is hard not to assume that you are being talked about badly, women do this no matter if they are 16 or 70, but I do have to say that I have been to those game nights and I think you all make a conscious effort not to say things, you are all nice women. It will be fine, keep having fun. By the next one I am sure it will be fine :)

  5. Looks like you had a great time! MOM

  6. Wrong comment - I think the game night is good and the rules are needed keep up the fun. It is some peoples only break from real chaos in their life. MOM