Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Studly Man

Last night I decided that I couldn't stand my kitchen floor any longer but didn't want to get out the whole mop and bucket so I got out my Clorox wet mop. Well, it turns out I bought the wrong refill pads for it and they didn't fit. So my studly husband decided he would jump in and help. He put a refill mop pad under each foot and proceeded to dance around the kitchen mopping with his feet. I would go ahead and spray and then he would come along and skate from side to side mopping behind me. We actually had a lot of fun. I wanted to take a picture but he wouldn't let me. Do I have the studliest man in the world or what??????!!!!!!!


  1. how fun. Not sure if yo have seen this, but go to Jillie willie and the link is on my blog, but she has slipper mops!!

  2. WOW what a cooooool thing to do! MOM