Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Small Towns: Heaven....or something else?

Okay, so we live in this really small town in nowhereville Utah. In the almost four years since we moved here I have actually come to love this little town. I don't like being so far from family, I wish there was somewhere decent to eat(no offense to all the fast food joints with disgusting nouns in their name), and I wish there was somewhere to shop. But I love that people know my name and I love that feeling of being at home no matter where you go in this town. For the most part the people have been really nice and welcoming and while I know that gossip travels fast in a small town I mostly just ignore it (especially since I'm not a part of the rumor mill). But I have this personal philosophy. In this town there are a lot of people that sell different things to make a little extra money and so they can do something they love. Well, I feel that I support my community and the women in my community by buying things from them and attending these parties. But every time I've had a party I've had very few people come. I am completely understanding about the lack of money, and I know none of us really have any. But it can still be disheartening when you go to so much work and so few come. This is not meant to make anyone feel guilty for not coming, and I really do love everyone here that I've met, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if some things would be easier living in a bigger town. (Although I imagine I'd just be missing the small town and want to go back :) I'm pretty sure the answer lies with me, and while I am here I will make this my home. So I send my love to all my fellow small towners!

And give me your census in a comment: Small towns: yeah or nay?

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  1. It's called small townitis. :] Liz would have come to it if she could, and I would have come too. Just I would have followed Eldon downstairs. :] Game on!

  2. Well, I am sure glad I was one of the good friends that showed up to the party or I would have a serious guilt trip! lol

    I do agree that small towns have their issues, but after having lived in somewhat of a city where nobody knows who you are or even cares that you are alive, I prefer the small towns, even with the gossip and clicks. I believe that our children will have a lot more opportunity in small towns than in the city. Last year we experienced the small town charity when Kevin had his bad back and back surgery. We had people who fed our horses every day and many of the husband daily chores too.

    Anyway, I'm sure no matter where you live that there are positive and negative. We just need to be the positive ones and shun the negative.

    About the party attendence, I think that Friday nights are kind of bad. That may not be a really good excuse either, but don't take it personally. I promise it isn't because they don't like you. Besides...all us important ones showed up ;)

    Keep smiling.