Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm already hooked!

This is only my second blog but I'm already hooked. I had a lesson in humility last night. I am the mother of twins and while they are the cutest and most adorable babies you will ever see, they are at times challenging. Some nights they sleep (and some they don't), they are now crawling, climbing, teething, and in general getting into as much stuff as they possibly can. I've been wondering how I could make it through this stage. Well, last night at about midnight as I was trying to get Iz asleep, I was reading the latest Reader's Digest and there was an article about this family that has triplet girls. If that wasn't enough, they are all blind and deaf. As I read about how these people have had to learn to cope, I was amazed. And humbled. Those three girls were so adorable and you know they wouldn't trade them for anything. So I thank my Heavenly Father for my blessings and for the wonderful opportunity to raise my children. I am so blessed!!!

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  1. Wow...I need lessons on blogging from you. That is a cool story. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes think we do take things for granted. Kevin reminds me of all I have quite often so I don't feel so sorry for myself.