Saturday, January 26, 2008

Itchin to Write

I don't have anything really exciting to say but I just feel like writing. One exciting bit of news: Iz FINALLY cut his first tooth yesterday after weeks of being miserable. One down, umm... a bunch more to go. Above is a picture of him teething on anything he can get his mouth on!
We've been pretty busy lately, DE is now playing in the wind symphony at the college. I'm glad he's finally found something to do that he enjoys. I've mostly been going crazy stuck in my house because of the cold weather but I also have a few things I'm doing that I enjoy and that get me out of the house.
A group of us have been going in the morning three days a week to do aerobics. It is so funny because in the original grou
p of us we had 6 mommies and 14 kids, including three sets of twins. I love it because everyone helps each other with their kids and stuff and it's nice to get out, exercise and visit. And I wouldn't even be able to go at all if my friend Em wasn't giving me and my three kids a ride. (thanks Em)
I am also in a Stampin club. I just absolutely love Stampin up!'s stuff and so a group of us get together once a month to learn techniques and do projects(taught by my f
riend Emily, see picture for latest project:), I am in a card exchange once a month and then just lately Em (yes, my same friend Em, she's awesome) and I have started a girls game night.
Bunco is a huge thing around here but neither of us are fans of that so we just got a group together of ladies we'd like to get to know better and that weren't already in club, aerobics or the card exchange, and we just get together, talk and play games. And for most of this, my sweet DE stays home with the kids. He is so supportive!
So I've been trying to keep busy and active. I'm still teaching voice lessons and am starting piano lessons in February. (Which I really hope I can do) Okay, enough boring information. That's my life in a nut shell, and through it all I must say my favorite thing is being a mom to my sweet children and a wife to my amazing husband. Overall... Life is grand!


  1. That's not boring. How fun for you to exercise. Game night sounds fun also

  2. Glad I can be a part with you. Way to advertise SU! ;)

    It's nice when the hubby finds something they enjoy to do too. Just more excuse to be able to do our fun stuff.


  3. I just re-read this - the part about the aerobics made me remember when I used to do aerobics... I was involved in an aerobics group 3 times. Each time I got in shape, got skinny, got "HOT" in the eyes of my hubby and..... GOT PREGNANT! 1st time - got pregnant with Eldon, 2nd time got pregnant with Heather, 3rd time got pregnant with twins! Haven't done aerobics since then - afraid too. Guess I'll just have to stay chubby! haha!! Just kidding! At 60, don't think I can get pregnant any more. Maybe I'll try again when I get my vertabre working right so the nerves in my back aren't getting pinched any more. We'll see.