Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby update

Okay, here's a little baby update. As of today: Iz still has no teeth poking out, O has two on the bottom. Iz has gone in the last couple weeks from scooting to crawling and standing up (using the furniture to help him) and now he's climbing the stairs. O is scooting and about ready to full out crawl any day now. He is also starting to stand up. For a while O has been our little chatter box and will smile for mommy any time, any place. Iz loves to stick out his little tongue and has the sweetest little smile (whenever we can get it out of him). In general, O is happy to just play on his own and content in his carseat/crib/high chair/play pen, on the floor, etc. Iz is content for a short time but generally needs more TLC. (So I always make sure I set aside time to play with O). My favorite thing in the world is when I see O sitting with just this blank look on his face and then as soon as I talk to him his face lights up in a smile and he lets out this adorable laugh. There is no sound like it in the world. I love all of my boys so much and love seeing them in each of their adorable stages. I bet you're jealous. :)


  1. They are getting so cute. I love when the babies get personalities. It was fun to tend them last weekend. I'm just glad that I got to give them back at the end of the night! ;) Twins are not for me.


  2. P.S. I think you need to teach your family how to comment. I know they have to be looking, so tell them if they look, they must post a comment. ;)

  3. How cute. I love your pictures of your kids!.