Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going private!

Well, I think I'm going to jump on the train and go private with my family blog! I've been keeping track through statcounter and there are a lot of people visiting from places I don't know and not leaving comments. Sooooo....if you want to be able to still look at this blog send me an email or leave a comment with your email and I'll add ya! And remember, if you leave your email in a comment write it like this: eldonandsharla at yahoo dot com. That way your email can't be lifted by spammers. You have until Friday, Sept. 26 to let me know or you will be prohiibited from entering this wonderful blog!! Ha ha, right.


  1. Sharla,
    Add me as your friend. I love looking at your page and to see whats going on in your life. Did you ever talk to Liz about adding me as her frined?

  2. Sharla - I found your blog on Becky's blog. What a darling family! I'd love to keep checking in on you and feel free to see what's happening with us: seetheseegrists. blogspot My e-mail is heynonnie at yahoo . com