Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One day is better than none I guess

We had ONE beautiful day on Monday and I am trying to keep the warmth and beauty of that day with me throughout the week. The day wasn't really that special or unique except for the fact that it was WARM! It was a regular day as far as days go. Get up, get kids dressed, fed, try to clean, attempt doing laundry, get to the post office, you know, usual stuff. Well that afternoon when DE (my husband dear E which stands for his first name) got home we all just kind of ended up outside. DE was slaving away weeding the front planter in the yard and my friend across the street waved me over and I went over there and visited with her and a couple of ladies for a while. It was just an amazing couple of hours. The sun was shining and everybody was out of their house enjoying it. Kids riding their bikes and scooters, people going for walks, people working in their yards, visiting with each other, playing, and just generally enjoying the day. I realized on Monday that I love living in a neighborhood like this! I took a picture later but by then you couldn't see all the people out and about anymore. Just imagine the street with kids and people on the sidewalks and street.
One funny thing happened on Monday. E had gotten in trouble for something and so I brought him over and talked to him sternly and put him in time out. Well out of the blue a couple of seconds later, A came up to me with his lower lip just quivering and said to me in his gruffest voice: "Don't talk to my brother!" With each word he pointed his finger at me quite forcefully and then proceeded to start crying. So we had to have a little talk and snuggle. I'm glad he wants to stick up for his "Bruvver" as he pronounces it. He was quite upset and yes, I barely managed not to laugh. Each day is an adventure isn't it? Here's my sweet older boys bonding with Grandpa.
One other bit of news. O and Iz have both taken a step or two on their own in the last couple of weeks. One of them (DE and I tried to remember which and can't remember, O we think) took his first step Sunday, March 30. Then this last weekend, Saturday I believe, so the 12th, O took 3 steps on his own and then Monday and today Iz took a couple of steps on his own. It won't be long now. I think this will add a whole new sense of "adventure" to our lives. I am going to include a few picture of my kiddies new adventures in the last little while. O is the one sleeping in the high chair and on the horse. Iz was the one who crawled inside a box and then just chilled. And then they both emptied my recipes out of the cupboard and stamps out of my stamp box. And of course they love bath time! Stay tuned!


  1. Let's just keep hoping for a few more warm days in the near future. Monday was a nice day. Glad you got to get out and enjoy it a bit. That story about Andrew telling you off is funny.

    The pictures of the twins make me tired just looking at them and thinking about it.


  2. P.S. I think you better invest in some duck tape to tape all the cupboards shut!

  3. Wow they are busy, and I cannot imagine how much more busy they are going to get walking and climbing all over everything. Your kids sure are cute. I love your first picture of the street, and picturing all the kids that could be on it