Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sorry it's been so long

Wow! I didn't realize how long it had been since I wrote last. A cool thing happened last weekend. We had our stake conference and Bishop H. David Burton , the presiding Bishop of the church, came and spoke to us. We had a really great meeting on Saturday night with just the adults (my Mom was so nice to come and watch the kids) and DE and I sang "Jesus Lover of My Soul" with two other couples for a special number. I was really nervous about it since I was the only soprano and there were two altos but we got a lot of compliments so I guess it was okay.
Anyway, the next morning at the Priesthood session DE sang "Praise to the Man" with some other men which was in an old pre-renaissance church mode and sounded so cool. (Or at least from what I hear). Anyway, at the general session on Sunday Bishop Burton stood up and said that he was so impressed with that number at the morning session that he wanted them to sing it again. Unfortunately, the music had been left at one of the members houses when he went to pick up his family. But we thought it was great that they got asked! I have been so pleased with how much DE has improved with his singing ability since we moved here. He really is the man of music! He can pretty much play anything musical except for the instruments with strings. (And he can make a nice sound out of those too, just not for long :) We love music!

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  1. Stake Conference was good. Sorry I missed the singing on Saturday. I was really dissapointed the men weren't able to sing Sunday too for all of us.