Thursday, March 27, 2008

No more vacations

We had a great Easter weekend. We went up north to visit Eldon's family. The weather was not perfect but not miserable and we had a good time. On Thursday I had a Simply Fun party at my sweet sister in law Holly's house which was a lot of fun and then on Friday we went up and visited James, Liz and Greyson in Logan which was so relaxing. We just hung out and played games and visited and Greyson had a blast playing with Isaac and Owen. Then on Saturday we colored Easter eggs, went to the Uintah Easter egg hunt where I took a picture of the boys with the Easter bunny, had a dutch oven lunch and had another easter egg hunt at Grandma's house. (Which unfortunately the babies slept through). We had another mini hunt for them later on. That evening we played games and hung out and visited. On Sunday we made it to Sacrament meeting but I'm sad to say I never did get a picture of us in our Sunday best. We had a nice Easter dinner and watched a couple of Easter movies, a living scriptures one for the kids and Finding Faith in Christ for the adults. Then we just once again visited and played some of my great games. ;) We had such a nice visit that we didn't leave until Tuesday afternoon and then made it home that evening. So maybe you're wondering why the title of this post is no more vacations? Well, we cannot travel without at least some of us getting sick. Andrew, Isaac and Owen are now all sick with what seems like a cold and the stomach flu. So I've been working on laundry from our trip and now a ton of throw up laundry as well. Sound delightful? Not really. I hope they get better soon because I'm almost out of laundry soap. ;) Here are some pictures from our weekend, hope you enjoy.
Coloring Easter Eggs Saturday Morning

My boys with big ears
The grandkids with their loot



  1. Looks like you had a great vacation and easter. Sorry the kiddos are sick, but you can be really grateful that the big kid (eldon) and Ethan didn't get sick. I personally think the men are worse than kids.

    We need to get together sometime and do something fun. I'm tired of cold and being cooped up and doing housework!


  2. How fun! Your babies are so cute, and it was good to visit with you yesterday!
    Glad you had a nice vacation, but stinks to get sick kids