Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter, winter go away!

Hello to whomever is bored enough to actually read this. We have all been sick for a while now. Nothing major, just colds and sniffles and generally not feeling 100%. Here is a picture of E holding Iz when he wasn't feeling good. You can tell he's definitely not acting like himself because this would normally never happen. It was really adorable because E just pulled him up on his lap and rocked him for a long time. My kids are so adorable.

They soon started feeling better though, which is evident in this picture I have of O. He got into my box of paper shreddings and had himself some fun (and an oh so delicious paper snack). Just today they both got hold of a box of tissues and had it mostly empty before I saw them. I should have taken a picture of the mess but I got it cleaned up before I thought about it.

So, for any of you out there that have twins.... any advice on how to deal with the into everything stage? I swear, twins weren't that bad until they got mobile. Now they just want to be on the go constantly and I am just exhausted. It seems like the only time they are happy and not whining is when they are getting into something they shouldn't. I thought I had them on the same sleeping schedule as well but that's gone out the window lately. They love climbing the stairs but don't know how to go down and although we have a gate my older boys keep opening it. So if anyone has any advice (that is actually possible) please share!

Well, that is my life right now in a nutshell. Kids, babies, diapers, feeding, bathing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. with the occasional time out for mommy. Fortunately I love every minute (well maybe just most minutes) of it. But if you want to babysit some babies let me know and I'll let ya! :)


  1. I'm tired just reading about it! You know I will tend any time. I don't have twins and don't have good ideas of how to help either.

    That pic of Ethan and Isaac is very cute.


  2. that picture is way cute. That sounds like it would ware me out!

  3. Thanks for the comments Emily and Liz M. And Emily, you were the last one to watch the babies so that message is not really to you. You help me almost every day already, so thank you!