Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stop dissin' my men.

Okay, so I'm gonna get on a little soapbox tonight. I can barely watch television these days because of a sickening overabundance of skin, naughty mouths, innuendo, etc. etc. but there is another reason I am so sick of TV. Everything I watch, including the "clean" shows and commercials, make the white male look like a pig, an idiot, lazy, stupid, naive, clueless, etc. etc. Pay attention next time you watch your tube and you'll see. So who's out there picketing for their rights? Don't they have the right to not always be portrayed as an idiot?

All I can say is that my husband, dad, brothers, grandpas, father in law, brothers in law, etc. etc. are not idiots, lazy, stupid, naive, clueless or pigs. So yeah, they make mistakes just like the rest of us, they are not perfect, but they are working their booties off to provide for their families and to be good fathers and husbands and citizens and members of society and I am sick of people dissin' them. Give them a stinkin break.

I do believe that we were all CREATED equal. Life is different for everyone but I believe that as long as we see each other as heavenly brothers and sisters we will treat each other as we should. For all the men in my life, and for my sweet boys growing up in this world, can't we invite them in?

There is no way any of those adjectives fit any of these amazing men. (The gorgeous one in the middle holding twins is mine. Yep, you should be jealous;)


  1. That is a great lookin group of men. I like the littlest ones! So tiny and quietly sleeping.
    That stinks about the commercials. I hate watching commercials too. And the TV is FLOODED with politics, so it is getting bad too.

  2. I agree with you, but if you look at the general population, I would say a lot of men are self centered and lazy. We are lucky and have some good hard working men. I give credit to the church for that.

    Very good post. Love the picture.