Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Squishy Squeezy Kissable Cheeks

Today is my designated be grateful day! I have always had this thought in the back of my mind that I am TOO blessed and that one of these days it is all going to be taken away from me. I look back on my life so far and realize that I am one of those lucky few that has had things way too good. Not that I haven't had trials and hard times in my life but that my trials would probably seem like blessings to some.

On Sunday we had an amazing Relief Society lesson and I of course ended up bawling, but the sweet sister that gave the lesson is divorced and lives with her two dogs (which she loves dearly). During her lesson she expressed her sorrow that she was never able to have children. I must begrudgingly admit that the thought had crossed my mind during church that day that church was just too hard with all my kids. So here I sit listening and looking down at my sweet O asleep in his car seat (Iz was with Daddy in Priesthood) and I realize that my "trial" is not really a trial at all. But why do I seem to forget that on an almost daily basis?

So today I am remembering and telling all the world (or at least those that read this) that I am so thankful for my life! I am thankful for each whine and cry and poopy diaper because it means that my babies are alive and healthy. I am grateful for my sweet babies that are into everything because it means that they are active and growing. I am grateful that my kids want their mommy and sometimes cling a little too much because it means that they love me and that they have a mommy at home that loves them and wants to take care of them even though she's so far from perfect.

I am especially grateful when my kids are asleep because it means I finally have time with the man I love. I am thankful for the socks I have to pick up off the floor because it means I have a husband who's at home loving and taking care of his family. (And most likely they are there because he was holding a baby almost the second he got home) I am thankful for friends who seem to know exactly when I need them, and family that is there for me no matter what. I couldn't have survived without a Mom who is also my best friend. I hope that if I have a day where it seems like I can't make it another minute I will come back and read this and remember that what may seem hard is really a blessing in disguise!

And I'm grateful to all of those who read this and especially those that leave comments because they really make my day!


  1. Sharla
    Thanks for posting this, I think we do take life for granite. I love those kid of lessons to make you think. I hate the messes, but its like my mother in law told me once, that it's good to have meses to know your children are home!
    your kids are getting big and cuter every day!!

  2. Those are darling pictures. It is sad that we seem to complain more about the picking up of socks than we have a healthy family to care for. Great attitude. Thanks for helping me remember how "blessed" I am.


  3. you have a beautiful family! thanks for coming by my blog. i look forward to reading yours some more!


  4. okay, i don't want to creep you out, but I was just surfing (couldn't get to sleep) and somehow ended up on your scrappin blog-- I love to make cards, then I linked to your families blog-- and I saw the ADORABLE pictures of your twin boys.

    They are so cute! I have twins as well and the diaper pictures brought back memories. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!
    -- Camilla, a new friends on the world wide web (and not a stalker, I promise!)

  5. Hang on to every precious moment... day after tomorrow your boys will be grown and gone, with families of their own... and then all those precious moments will only be memories! You are so incredibly blessed - and loved more then you will ever know! HUGS!