Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 2nd Grader

Today was my oldest son's first day of school. He started the second grade!! As some of you know, we live in a podunk town, so I decided to think ahead and do his school shopping online. Well, the only thing that was here before today was one t-shirt. So he had old shoes, backpack, etc. Oh well, the best laid plans.... Luckily he didn't seem to care. He was so cute and excited about school. We talked after school today and for once he actually told me a lot. More than he ever really has, actually. The usual response is "It was good." They are learning about number lines, he has HIS VERY OWN desk with his name on it and a bunch of stuff to put inside. He also received some tickets that get taken away if he does something bad, but if he's good he gets COOL STUFF with them. His younger brother, A, missed him a lot today but it will be nice to get back into a routine again. Now if I could just get my house clean.....

E was tagged by a friend from school with this questionnaire. These answers are truly what he said. I just couldn't help but laugh at some of them. Number 7 is my favorite! Guess we need to work on those measurements! By the way, anyone who reads this is welcome to be tagged!

1. What is something mom always says to you? Be good.
2. What makes mom happy? Giving [her] hugs and kisses.
3. What makes mom sad? Um...not giving [her] hugs and kisses.
4. How does your mom make you laugh? tickling me.
5. What was your mom like as a child? having fun.
6. How old is your mom? ummm...26? (he's only off a couple of years)
7. How tall is your mom? about...11 rulers and two yard sticks.
8. What is her favorite thing to do? go on vacations.
9. What does your mom do when you're not around? Clean up.
10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Money
11. What is your mom really good at? working at the store.
12. What is your mom not very good at? cleaning (obviously I don't do it enough when he's not home)
13. What does your mom do for her job? preschool
14. What is your mom's favorite food? artichokes
15. What makes you proud of your mom? cleaning up (so do I clean too much or not enough? ;)
16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? Minnie Mouse
17. What do you and your mom do together? Play
18. How are you and your mom the same? we're both people
19. How are you and your mom different? Cause we're a boy and a girl.
20. How do you know your mom loves you? Because I'm in her family.
21. What does your mom like most about your dad? They love each other.
22. Where is your mom's favorite place to go? Hawaii. (Yeah, like I go there all the time.)

He is just too cute! Butt scratching and all!


  1. I love those kid answers to those questions. They are just so funny. The yard sticks and rulers made me laugh.

    Glad he liked school.


  2. I love the questionare. I'm afraid of how my kids would answer! Terrence had his first day of school yesterday. He was so ready! I was so ready! And I'm right on board with the cleaning thing. Lilly tells me all the time that she wants to move to a clean house. I can't seem to make her understand that if she would put her toys away we wouldn't have to move. : )

  3. Sharla you blog is great! Cute kids! andee

  4. When E was in my primary class he was such a joy. Sounds like he'll always be that sweet kid I know.