Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Squishy Squeezy Kissable Cheeks

Today is my designated be grateful day! I have always had this thought in the back of my mind that I am TOO blessed and that one of these days it is all going to be taken away from me. I look back on my life so far and realize that I am one of those lucky few that has had things way too good. Not that I haven't had trials and hard times in my life but that my trials would probably seem like blessings to some.

On Sunday we had an amazing Relief Society lesson and I of course ended up bawling, but the sweet sister that gave the lesson is divorced and lives with her two dogs (which she loves dearly). During her lesson she expressed her sorrow that she was never able to have children. I must begrudgingly admit that the thought had crossed my mind during church that day that church was just too hard with all my kids. So here I sit listening and looking down at my sweet O asleep in his car seat (Iz was with Daddy in Priesthood) and I realize that my "trial" is not really a trial at all. But why do I seem to forget that on an almost daily basis?

So today I am remembering and telling all the world (or at least those that read this) that I am so thankful for my life! I am thankful for each whine and cry and poopy diaper because it means that my babies are alive and healthy. I am grateful for my sweet babies that are into everything because it means that they are active and growing. I am grateful that my kids want their mommy and sometimes cling a little too much because it means that they love me and that they have a mommy at home that loves them and wants to take care of them even though she's so far from perfect.

I am especially grateful when my kids are asleep because it means I finally have time with the man I love. I am thankful for the socks I have to pick up off the floor because it means I have a husband who's at home loving and taking care of his family. (And most likely they are there because he was holding a baby almost the second he got home) I am thankful for friends who seem to know exactly when I need them, and family that is there for me no matter what. I couldn't have survived without a Mom who is also my best friend. I hope that if I have a day where it seems like I can't make it another minute I will come back and read this and remember that what may seem hard is really a blessing in disguise!

And I'm grateful to all of those who read this and especially those that leave comments because they really make my day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stop dissin' my men.

Okay, so I'm gonna get on a little soapbox tonight. I can barely watch television these days because of a sickening overabundance of skin, naughty mouths, innuendo, etc. etc. but there is another reason I am so sick of TV. Everything I watch, including the "clean" shows and commercials, make the white male look like a pig, an idiot, lazy, stupid, naive, clueless, etc. etc. Pay attention next time you watch your tube and you'll see. So who's out there picketing for their rights? Don't they have the right to not always be portrayed as an idiot?

All I can say is that my husband, dad, brothers, grandpas, father in law, brothers in law, etc. etc. are not idiots, lazy, stupid, naive, clueless or pigs. So yeah, they make mistakes just like the rest of us, they are not perfect, but they are working their booties off to provide for their families and to be good fathers and husbands and citizens and members of society and I am sick of people dissin' them. Give them a stinkin break.

I do believe that we were all CREATED equal. Life is different for everyone but I believe that as long as we see each other as heavenly brothers and sisters we will treat each other as we should. For all the men in my life, and for my sweet boys growing up in this world, can't we invite them in?

There is no way any of those adjectives fit any of these amazing men. (The gorgeous one in the middle holding twins is mine. Yep, you should be jealous;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Simply Fun!

For those of you that don't already know I have signed up to sell Simply Fun products. I had my first party on Saturday and I love their games and products. We had so much fun! They have fun games for all ages, puzzles, puppets, crafts, and more! If you would like to check out my website just click on my Simply Fun site there on the left. You can order straight from there too!

This last week was pretty interesting, I ended up with a horrible toothache and found out that I have a huge infection that has probably been there for the last 7 years and none of my dentists ever caught it until this week. I guess the dentist who did my root canal years ago didn't get it all and it's been getting more infected and even eating away the bone in my jaw ever since. So I took a trip up north on Valentine's Day to get a re-root canal. I was hoping it would have stopped hurting by now so I guess we'll have to see how things go. Surprisingly, it was still a very nice Valentine's Day because I got to be with DE all day. I love him sooo much!

DE is home today since it's President's Day and he's downstairs with all the kids while I relax and do basically nothing. We had a nice day at church yesterday so overall it's been a nice weekend. Here is a picture of bath time for the babies. They sure love to splash! DE and I were pretty soaked by the end of bath time. They are so cute and so much fun right now. For those of you that don't know, Iz is on the left and O is on the right. Well, I guess that's about all for now. Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter, winter go away!

Hello to whomever is bored enough to actually read this. We have all been sick for a while now. Nothing major, just colds and sniffles and generally not feeling 100%. Here is a picture of E holding Iz when he wasn't feeling good. You can tell he's definitely not acting like himself because this would normally never happen. It was really adorable because E just pulled him up on his lap and rocked him for a long time. My kids are so adorable.

They soon started feeling better though, which is evident in this picture I have of O. He got into my box of paper shreddings and had himself some fun (and an oh so delicious paper snack). Just today they both got hold of a box of tissues and had it mostly empty before I saw them. I should have taken a picture of the mess but I got it cleaned up before I thought about it.

So, for any of you out there that have twins.... any advice on how to deal with the into everything stage? I swear, twins weren't that bad until they got mobile. Now they just want to be on the go constantly and I am just exhausted. It seems like the only time they are happy and not whining is when they are getting into something they shouldn't. I thought I had them on the same sleeping schedule as well but that's gone out the window lately. They love climbing the stairs but don't know how to go down and although we have a gate my older boys keep opening it. So if anyone has any advice (that is actually possible) please share!

Well, that is my life right now in a nutshell. Kids, babies, diapers, feeding, bathing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. with the occasional time out for mommy. Fortunately I love every minute (well maybe just most minutes) of it. But if you want to babysit some babies let me know and I'll let ya! :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh Snow!

This has been a pretty eventful week. Last Sunday, January 27, our prophet Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. It was a bittersweet event because although he will be missed here on earth, I know he is now with his sweet wife. He was (and still is) such an amazing man. He was the prophet for most of my most formative years and will always hold a special place in my heart.

For the rest of the week, I spent most of it taking care of my sick children and then unfortunately getting sick myself. Nothing major, we just all have colds, which means that we're all a little cranky and miserable. The weather has not helped either since it just keeps snowing....and snowing....and snowing!! Luckily we got to go down to St. George on Saturday since DE had UMEA conference so we were all able to go sit outside for short time and the kids played at the park. It was still pretty cold but at least not as cold. I was hoping school would be canceled today because of all the snow but no such luck.

When we were down south my kids and I stayed with my parents and that was fun because Iz and O kept chasing their dog Bluto all around the house. He didn't appreciate that too much, especially since they kept trying to pull his tail. It was nice having my mom there to help with sick babies and one morning I even got to sleep in! It was amazing! I hope we will all get better soon so we can get back to regular life, I really need to exercise! By the way, does anyone know if the groundhog saw his shadow this year? I am really hoping for an early spring

“Under the plan of heaven, the husband and the wife walk side by side as companions, neither one ahead of the other, but a daughter of God and a son of God walking side by side. Let your families be families of love and peace and happiness. Gather your children around you and have your family home evenings, teach your children the ways of the Lord, read to them from the scriptures, and let them come to know the great truths of the eternal gospel as set forth in these words of the Almighty.”
( “Selections from Addresses of President Gordon B. Hinckley,” Ensign, Mar. 2001, 64.)