Saturday, January 26, 2008

Itchin to Write

I don't have anything really exciting to say but I just feel like writing. One exciting bit of news: Iz FINALLY cut his first tooth yesterday after weeks of being miserable. One down, umm... a bunch more to go. Above is a picture of him teething on anything he can get his mouth on!
We've been pretty busy lately, DE is now playing in the wind symphony at the college. I'm glad he's finally found something to do that he enjoys. I've mostly been going crazy stuck in my house because of the cold weather but I also have a few things I'm doing that I enjoy and that get me out of the house.
A group of us have been going in the morning three days a week to do aerobics. It is so funny because in the original grou
p of us we had 6 mommies and 14 kids, including three sets of twins. I love it because everyone helps each other with their kids and stuff and it's nice to get out, exercise and visit. And I wouldn't even be able to go at all if my friend Em wasn't giving me and my three kids a ride. (thanks Em)
I am also in a Stampin club. I just absolutely love Stampin up!'s stuff and so a group of us get together once a month to learn techniques and do projects(taught by my f
riend Emily, see picture for latest project:), I am in a card exchange once a month and then just lately Em (yes, my same friend Em, she's awesome) and I have started a girls game night.
Bunco is a huge thing around here but neither of us are fans of that so we just got a group together of ladies we'd like to get to know better and that weren't already in club, aerobics or the card exchange, and we just get together, talk and play games. And for most of this, my sweet DE stays home with the kids. He is so supportive!
So I've been trying to keep busy and active. I'm still teaching voice lessons and am starting piano lessons in February. (Which I really hope I can do) Okay, enough boring information. That's my life in a nut shell, and through it all I must say my favorite thing is being a mom to my sweet children and a wife to my amazing husband. Overall... Life is grand!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Small Towns: Heaven....or something else?

Okay, so we live in this really small town in nowhereville Utah. In the almost four years since we moved here I have actually come to love this little town. I don't like being so far from family, I wish there was somewhere decent to eat(no offense to all the fast food joints with disgusting nouns in their name), and I wish there was somewhere to shop. But I love that people know my name and I love that feeling of being at home no matter where you go in this town. For the most part the people have been really nice and welcoming and while I know that gossip travels fast in a small town I mostly just ignore it (especially since I'm not a part of the rumor mill). But I have this personal philosophy. In this town there are a lot of people that sell different things to make a little extra money and so they can do something they love. Well, I feel that I support my community and the women in my community by buying things from them and attending these parties. But every time I've had a party I've had very few people come. I am completely understanding about the lack of money, and I know none of us really have any. But it can still be disheartening when you go to so much work and so few come. This is not meant to make anyone feel guilty for not coming, and I really do love everyone here that I've met, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if some things would be easier living in a bigger town. (Although I imagine I'd just be missing the small town and want to go back :) I'm pretty sure the answer lies with me, and while I am here I will make this my home. So I send my love to all my fellow small towners!

And give me your census in a comment: Small towns: yeah or nay?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby update

Okay, here's a little baby update. As of today: Iz still has no teeth poking out, O has two on the bottom. Iz has gone in the last couple weeks from scooting to crawling and standing up (using the furniture to help him) and now he's climbing the stairs. O is scooting and about ready to full out crawl any day now. He is also starting to stand up. For a while O has been our little chatter box and will smile for mommy any time, any place. Iz loves to stick out his little tongue and has the sweetest little smile (whenever we can get it out of him). In general, O is happy to just play on his own and content in his carseat/crib/high chair/play pen, on the floor, etc. Iz is content for a short time but generally needs more TLC. (So I always make sure I set aside time to play with O). My favorite thing in the world is when I see O sitting with just this blank look on his face and then as soon as I talk to him his face lights up in a smile and he lets out this adorable laugh. There is no sound like it in the world. I love all of my boys so much and love seeing them in each of their adorable stages. I bet you're jealous. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm glad I've got my teeth!

Can I just say that I am glad that I do not have to grow any more teeth? My poor little babe Iz has been teething and he is just miserable. And those little stubborn suckers just will not push through. I am sad that the weekend is over. This last week went by sooo slooow, and then the weekend just flew by, of course. It was a good weekend though. DE and I were actually alone for the first time in a couple of months and it was so nice. Thanks again to my friends Em and Ang for watching my kids. This is going to be a busy week but I'll check in when I can. LOL (I love how I pretend I'm actually talking to somebody when it's probably just myself.)
Oh, and one funny thing about LOL, for a long time I thought it meant "Lots of Love". When I learned that it was "Laugh out Loud" it changed a lot of chats I was confused about. (LOL, I'm a nerd). But with Valentines day coming I send out my version of LOL to anyone who reads this! (But just this once!)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm already hooked!

This is only my second blog but I'm already hooked. I had a lesson in humility last night. I am the mother of twins and while they are the cutest and most adorable babies you will ever see, they are at times challenging. Some nights they sleep (and some they don't), they are now crawling, climbing, teething, and in general getting into as much stuff as they possibly can. I've been wondering how I could make it through this stage. Well, last night at about midnight as I was trying to get Iz asleep, I was reading the latest Reader's Digest and there was an article about this family that has triplet girls. If that wasn't enough, they are all blind and deaf. As I read about how these people have had to learn to cope, I was amazed. And humbled. Those three girls were so adorable and you know they wouldn't trade them for anything. So I thank my Heavenly Father for my blessings and for the wonderful opportunity to raise my children. I am so blessed!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My first Blog ever!!

Hello! I'm so glad (and shocked) that you are reading this. I've heard this "blog" word floating around for a while but I was pretty much clueless. It was one more of those "techno" words (among many) floating around that I didn't really get. (And still don't). From what I gather it's sort of a virtual journal of sorts. I've always had a hard time keeping a journal so I figure it's more fun to write something that people might actually read, rather than something only I will see until it lies gathering dust in some box in some corner of some storage space. (Was that a run on or what?) So here I am! I'm absolutely certain that nobody will actually read this but welcome to my wacky world anyway!